Log Home Repair

Log Rot & Decay

Log rot is caused by either a moisture problem or bug infestation. Both will do damage to the logs and should be corrected as soon as possible. If a log home is not properly maintained and left unprotected, water can enter the wood and create some serious log rot. If a borate treatment was not used, beetles can get into the logs and eat the inside part of the log. Proper applications in borate treatment, stain, chinking, and caulking will help to prevent the beetles and water from damaging your logs.

When the log rot is not severe and only on the surface, not risking the structural integrity, then epoxy fillers can be used to repair the damage. If a log home has deep and severe log rot, a partial or full log replacement might be necessary. Total Log Cabin Restoration has the experience as well as the resources to handle this type of log home repair. Our repair team experts are the best in the industry, and have completed hundreds of partial and full log replacements. Our close relationship with our wood mills will insure replacement logs will match in style as well as wood type.

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