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Total Log Cabin Restoration in Semora, NC Person County

Olympic Redwood Naturaltone

Our Total Log Cabin Restoration crew recently completed a log cabin restoration in beautiful Whittier, NC! This log home underwent a total restoration and the end result was absolutely breathtaking! Our new friend Laura can now enjoy her beautifully restored log home.

Our Total Log Cabin Restoration crew recently went to Semora, NC to complete a total log home restoration project for our new friend Marie G. This amazing log home underwent a complete transformation. To bring out the natural lust of this log home, Marie chose Redwood Naturaltone wood stain color. Redwood Naturaltone wood stain is a great choice for any log home owner.

“I’m impressed with this crew. They were professional at all times. the guys worked very hard and did a great job cleaning up after themselves. I’ll be using this company again in the future.” Marie G.

Once our TLCR crew arrived in Semora, North Carolina, the crew got right to work prepping the log home by covering all the entryways and windows with a plastic protector before applying the stripping agent. A stripping agent is used to remove mold, dirt, and debris from all the logs. The logs were gently rinsed off with a low-pressure washer. A low-pressure washer of 800 psi will not damage the logs. Once the logs are rinsed of any debris the neutralizer was applied to bring out the wood's brightness. The log home was then rinsed down fully. Our TLCR crew checked several areas of the log home to make sure the moisture level was acceptable and the pH level was at 7%. Too much moisture will lead to staining failure.

Each log was then sanded down and then Perm- Chink’s Shell-Guard RTU and Bee Gone were applied. Both of these products work great to prevent bee, beetle and other bugs. Next, the TLCR crew used Perm- Chink’s Energy Seal for caulking the log home. Energy Seal is elastic while the logs are moving. Caulking prevents water from entering the logs. It also aids in bug prevention and energy loss. TLCR caulked all outside and inside corners as well as all window, door jams, log ends and cracks. The TLCR crew then applied 2 coats of the beautiful Redwood Naturaltone wood stain that gave this log home a stunning finish. Once the stain dried, 2 coats of Perma- Chink’s Clear Coat was added. Our Total Log Cabin Restoration crew washed all windows, emptied all garbage cans and discarded all left over materials.

“Crew did a great job. The job was completed on time and according to contract.
Very happy with results”.
- Laura H.

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