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Log Cabin Restoration in Cullowhee, NC Jackson County

There was a project presented to us in the town of Cullowhee, NC Jackson County, for a log home in need of some maintenance. As always we began with a power wash cleaning that consisted of a three part cleaning agent in order to cleanse the home of any mold, dirt, or debris that had adhered to it.
The first step in our process is a cleaning agent that helps remove the surface layer of grime and dirt from the wood. Then after our team rinsed off said cleaner with a power wash of only 800 psi. This low pressure wash helps ensure that little to no damage will be incurred by the logs during the wash.

Next we tackled the log home pest control by applying a borate treatment to the stain. This treatment helps to ward off beetles and other various wood-boring insects that would love to make a meal out of any beautiful log cabin by poisoning any that attempt to take a bite.

Finally, our team finished the job with caulking the log home. This process is also known as chinking, where the team uses Perma-Chink's Energy Seal when caulking between the logs or filling cracks within the logs themselves. Our team uses Energy Seal because it is made specifically for log homes and log cabins. It is engineered to prevent water from entering the logs and causing such damage as water rot and mold which are two of the biggest issues faced by log home owners. The seal also helps prevent energy loss and assists in keeping out the insects.

We insulated the c revices around the windows and doorframes with seals as well. In addition, Energy Seal has more elasticity than conventional caulking which allows the logs to expand and contract naturally with the weather without the seal breaking. Our team at TCLR was very proud to say that all major cracks and crevices in the log home were sealed and our restoration project complete.

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