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Log Home Restoration in Hollister, NC – Halifax County

TWP Stain

Total Log Cabin Restoration restored two smaller cabins located together. The clubhouse cabin and the man’s cave cabin were both grayed and weathered. Both cabins also had chinking that needed painting. TLCR stripped both cabins to remove the grayed fibers, existing product, and debris. After the stripping agent was rinsed off, a neutralizer was added to the logs to establish a neutral pH and brighten the wood. A neutralizer is vital after a stripping agent has been used. If the wood does not have a neutral pH, product failure can occur. TLCR always checks the pH balance in different areas on a cabin to ensure that the correct level has been reached.

Both cabins had TWP Butternut Brown applied. The chinking was painted with a premium latex paint that matched the log stain. Trim around windows and doors were also painted, using a premium latex semi-gloss paint.

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