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Log Home Restoration in Randleman, NC- Randolph County

TWP Wood Stain

Total Log Cabin Restoration restored a cabin in Randleman, North Carolina, located south of Greensboro. This cabin had dirt, green algae, and rotten logs, causing the wood to look dated and dull. TLCR recommended stripping the cabin and deck to brighten the wood and make the home look fresh and new. Once stripping was completed, a neutralizer was applied followed by a thorough rinse. Rinsing the home and deck ensures that all stripping chemicals and neutralizer are removed to allow for proper stain application.

This cabin was also in need of carpentry work and caulking. TLCR removed 24 feet of rotten logs and replaced with new material. The rotten threshold was removed and replaced. TLCR caulked in between all logs and installed filler material to all side frames of the windows and doors. The windows and doors were also caulked after the filler was installed. Caulking is extremely important for a log cabin home. Proper caulking prevents water from entering and damaging logs. Caulking can also aid in energy loss and prevention of insects. TLCR uses Perma-Chink’s Energy Seal when caulking log homes.

After all caulking, sanding, and insect treatment was completed, TLCR applied TWP California Cedar stain to the cabin and deck.

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