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Log Home Restoration in Bennette, NC Chatham County

Total Wood Preservative

We recently had the pleasure of traveling to Bennett, NC Chatham County to complete a total log cabin restoration for Larry Bissette. Larry chose a beautiful Butternut Brown Total Wood Preservative (TWP) to complete his log home restoration!

Our Total Log Home Restoration Story!

Once our Total Log Cabin Restoration crew arrived to the property, we immediately got to work on our 10 Step Log Cabin Restoration Process. To begin, we prepped the log home by carefully covering all windows, doorways, lights and landscaping with a durable plastic protector and removed all gutter downspouts. After our crew completed the Prepping Step, a stripping agent was applied to all the logs, trim and windows to clear away years of dirt, debris and mold and gently power washed the log home using an 800 psi. Immediately, we could see the original beauty of this log home shining through!

Next, our Total Log Cabin Restoration crew applied a neutralizer to brighten the wood and balance the pH level in the wood to 7%. The log home was then thoroughly rinsed and the pH and moisture level was tested in several areas of the log home to ensure the wood was dry enough to stain. Too much water in the logs can lead to premature failure in the stain.

The Rinsing Step was followed by Sanding. The TLCR crew sanded the entire log home to allow the stain to penetrate more uniformly, have better adhesion, and achieve a consistent look. Next, the Total Log Cabin Restoration crew used a Borate Treatment called PermaChink's Shell Guard RTU and Bee Gone. Each product combats against beetles and other wood eating insects. Shell-Guard RTU is colorless, odorless product that is effective for preventing wood decay and insect damage.

Step 7, the Caulking Step, TLCR used a caulk specifically made for log homes, Perma-Chink's Energy Seal, to caulk the log home. Perma-Chink's Energy Seal prevents water from entering the log home and damaging the logs. Caulking was applied all around the outside of the log home, the inside corners, all windows, door jams, and all large gaps were caulked to prevent any water from entering.

Total Deck & Railing Restoration Process

At Total Log Cabin Restoration, we know that your deck is just as important as your log home, that is why we treat your deck with the same care and attention as the rest of the home. We applied a stripping agent, a high-end neutralizer, all the loose boards are nailed in place, and the entire deck was thoroughly rinsed down and allowed to dry. The wood was then sanded with a 50-grit sandpaper. Once the pH level was at 7%, one coat of TWP stain was applied to the deck and rails.

Once the Deck and Railing Restoration Process was complete, TLCR applied two coats of Perma-Chink stain to all the logs, siding, and windows. After the strain was dry, two coats of Perma-Chink's Clear Coat were applied. Perma-Chink is a 4-coat system that comes with the best protection. Then a premium coat of latex paint was applied to all the doors.

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Ask us about our 10 Step Total Log Cabin Restoration Process Today!
1 Prepping
2 Stripping
3 Neutralizing
4 Rinsing
5 Sanding
6 Apply Borate Treatment
7 Caulking
8 Deck and Rail Restoration
9 Apply Perma-Chink Stain
10 Apply Premium Latex Paint

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