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Total Log Home Restoration in Marshall, NC Madison County

Log Home Carpentry & Deck Restoration

We recently had the pleasure of completing a Total Log Home Restoration in Marshall, NC Madison County. This was a gorgeous log home that needed some TLC to bring it back to its original glory. One of the most exquisite features of this log home was the front deck. Instantly, it was our mission to bring this deck back to life and restore it to the vocal point we knew it once was.

Over the years, a log home can become weathered due to sun exposure, wood decay, wood eating insects and many other harsh elements. At Total Log Cabin Restoration, we evaluate each log home to locate any structural issues such as moisture, decayed or rotten logs, and bee or insect infestations. During our inspection, we make note of any specific areas of concern that will require more attention. It was determined that along with this log homes exterior, the deck would also require a complete restoration. After completion of the inspection the crew at TLCR began the Total Log Cabin Restoration 10 Step process.

Total Log Cabin Restoration 10 Step Process:

1) Prepping
2) Stripping
3) Neutralizing
4) Rinsing
5) Sanding
6) Apply Borate Treatment
7) Caulking
8) Deck and Rail Restoration
9) Apply Perma-Chink Stain
10) Apply Premium Latex Paint

This log home underwent a complete Log Home Restoration and our client was very pleased with the outcome. This home received a beautiful stain and finish to the porch swing and benches to complete the final touch.

"knew I was probably going to be very happy with TLCR's work on our WNC log cabin when other local workmen (who are also close family friends and relatives) started commenting spontaneously that "your house looks GREAT!" when I was on the phone with them. When I finally arrived there in person last week, I was prepared to see something I would like -- but I wasn't really prepared for what I found. I spent my first thirty minutes at the cabin just walking around looking at things from every angle. Even though "prepared", I was still amazed at the transformation Stu, Marco and his crew performed. After five days at the cabin, I still haven't found anything I am disappointed with. Great job. We also want to thank Marco and the crew for their extra effort in doing little things like staining the porch swing and deck benches to match. That was a nice surprise. But from the reports of my resident caretakers on the farm and from what I saw on our surveillance camera footage myself, Marco and his crew never slow down. Even when they had to wait for a new water supply to finish the pressure washing, they found other things to do. They also left the cabin in good shape after staying there. Couldn't have asked them for more -- and please pass on our thanks to them""
– Ben B.
Marshall, NC

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