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Total Log Home Restoration in Cedar Grove, NC Orange County

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At Total Log Home Restoration, we are committed to bringing your log home back to life. We offer a complete home restoration package that includes carpentry and log replacement.
Our latest total log home restoration project came from Cedar Grove, Orange County, NC. This customer experienced significant rot damage between the bay window, front door, trim around the windows and upper deck. TLCR removed the pieces of rotten wood and trim and began the restoration process. To ensure that each log matched the log home exactly, Total Log Home Restoration used a skilled process that brought the home back to its original beauty.
Our restoration team prepped the log home by covering every window, door and light with a plastic sheet. Next, a stripping agent was applied to remove dirt, mold and debris, and then gently rinsed off using low-pressure cleaning. To achieve a beautiful, smooth finish, the wood was then neutralized, rinsed and sanded. The log home was treated with Perma-Chink's Shell Guard RTU and Bee Gone to protect against wood eating insects and wood decay.
TLCR then caulked the home with Perma-Chink's Energy Seal to prevent water from entering and damaging the logs. Caulk was applied to the windows, door jams, and every area where water could enter the home. TLCR then applied 2 coats of Perma-Chink's stain, and 2 coats of Perma-Chink's Clear Coat. Once the application dried TLCR applied a beautiful premium coat of latex paint on the trim to complete the restoration process.

Thank you for trusting our team to restore your log home's beauty!

"Thought work was good, everything I expected with no loose ends!" -Charles Z

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