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Log Home Repair and Restoration in Stokes County, Danbury, North Carolina

I receive a call from Lynne, located in Danbury, North Carolina. This was a maintenance request for her log home, as we had restored her log home back in 2008.
Like any home, dirt and mold need to be removed and washed away from the logs. Her log home was in pretty good shape, it just needed to be cleaned and re-coated for the protection in the future years.

As always, we covered all her windows, doorways, landscaping, and lighting, to protect and keep clean. We inspected and caulked all areas needed with Permachink Energy Seal, which helps protect against water damage and bugs getting in, as well as increases energy efficiency. Next we stained her home with one coat of TWP, which is a penetrating stain guaranteed never to peel or flake. We applied a fresh coat of off-white paint to the chinking, and as well as repainted all her trim a nice green color.

On this visit, Lynne requested work on her wood fence. We cleaned the fence with the same cleaning solutions we use for log homes and applied the same TWP stain to her fence. The result was a beautiful, and once again, Lynne could enjoy her home knowing it is protected for another five years.

"Love Stu and the crew. Hired them in 2008 to restore my log home and they came back in 2013 to maintain it. Very pleased with their work and the great results. Could not say enough good things about Total Log Cabin Restoration!"
Danbury, NC

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