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Log Home Restoration in Wake County, Apex NC

I was contacted by Chuck and Ann J. from Apex NC in Wake County, to restore their log home. The couple informed me that they have lived in their log home since 1986 and have not done any maintenance work on their home at all. Twenty eight years is a long time without maintenance work. This cabin was ready for a total restoration.
Removing the old stain was easy because of the age, most of the color was already faded. On the flip side, the logs were terribly dry and close to breaking down. The dry wood was also starting to split in some areas, not good because this is where water can get trapped and rot the logs.

Since the stripping did not take a lot of time, more time was spent on caulking the cracks in the logs. We wanted to seal off the splits and cracks in the logs and reseal the windows and door jams. Chuck and Ann are sure to see a big difference in their energy bills this year. Caulking doesn't last forever and again, after 27 years, most of the caulking needed to be replaced. When re-caulking, we use Permachink products. Permachink offers the highest quality caulking and chinking products designed for log homes. Their products are very elastic and will move with the log home. The home will have movement from changing weather conditions.

When the log home was ready for new stain, we used TWP wood preservative stain. TWP has a deep penetration that protects the wood from water and moisture. We knew right away on the first coat just how badly the logs needed protection as the stain absorbed into the wood. The logs just sucked in the stain. The second coat applied much faster and the color was uniform. The customer selected white chinking to create contrast. The end result was beautiful and here is what Chuck and Ann had to say:
Thanks to Stu and the Total Log Cabin Restoration crew, our home never looked better, it actually looks new again. The crew also did a great job restoring our 30 year old deck. Stu took the time and thoroughly explained the process of restoring our home and answered all our question. Everyone was polite, and worked hard, paying attention to the detail.
We are very happy with the work, Job well done guys!
Chuck and Ann J
Apex, NC Wake County

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