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Log Home Restoration in Franklinton, NC- Franklin County

TWP Wood Stain

Total Log Cabin Restoration recently completed work on a log cabin in Franklinton, North Carolina. Upon inspection, the cabin needed complete stripping to create a uniform look. TLCR stripped all the logs and trim, deck, and garage to remove existing stain and any dirt or mold. A neutralizer was added to the logs and trim to brighten the wood and create a neutral pH balance for optimal stain application. The wood was also treated for carpenter bees. TLCR uses a borate treatment that can be added to the stain to combat against beetles and other insects that love to eat the wood.

Carpentry work was also completed at this cabin. 26 feet of rotten sill plate was in need of replacement along with the attachment of additional log siding. After all caulking and sanding was completed, TLCR applied TWP Butternut Brown stain to the cabin, deck, and garage. Butternut Brown is one of the most popular colors used by TLCR. In addition to staining, all trim was painted in a beautiful Valspar color, Spanish Tile.

Just wanted to share a collage of pics showing the dramatic process and change possible with your crew. We sure are happy to be enjoying our home so much more. We could never have done all this on our own. Certainly money well spent.

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