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Log Home Restoration in Powhatan, VA Powhatan County

TWP Wood Stain

Our Total Log Cabin Restoration Crew recently went to Powhatan, VA Powhatan County to complete a log home restoration for Laura C. Laura chose an amazing TWP wood stain for her beautiful log home. TWP's penetrating stain costs less and is guaranteed never to peel or flake! Our Total Log Cabin Restoration crew had an amazing experience restoring Laura’s log home. This beautiful home just needed a little TLC to restore it back to its original charm.

Once our TLCR crew arrived in Powhatan, VA Powhatan County, we got right to work! Immediately, the crew covered all the windows and doorways with a plastic protector. After the prepping stage, the crew applied a powerful stripping agent to the log home that removed the dirt and mold attached to the wood. After the stripping agent was applied our TLCR crew rinsed off the log home using a low pressure power washer. A low pressure wash will not damage the logs. Next, a neutralizer was properly applied to the log home. The neutralizer balanced the stripper and brightened the wood. A stain may fail if the wood is not neutralized properly. This log home was then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry. Before the Sanding stage began, the log homes pH and moisture levels were tested. Once the wood reached a pH balance of 7% and contained no moisture the TLCR crew was able to sand the log home achieving a beautify smooth finish.

At Total Log Cabin Restoration, we only use high- grade products. Our TLCR crew applied PermaChink's Shell Guard RTU and Bee Gone. Both of these treatments work as a barrier to stop insects from damaging and eating the wood. Shell-Guard RTU is a safe agent used to prevent wood decay and insect damage. Perma-Chink's Energy Seal was then used to caulk around all outside and inside corners, as well as all window and door jams. Our Total Log Cabin Restoration crew made sure that all gabs were caulked and a backer rod was used to prevent the caulk from cracking and pulling away from the home.

Lastly, our TLCR crew applied two coats of TWP's penetrating wood stain. TWP is guaranteed to never peel or flake. TLCR then applied two coats of Perma-Chink's Clear Coat to the log home. TWP stain saved Laura $1000.00!

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TLCR guarantee that all materials and products are used in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

TLCR will leave some stain for touch-ups, a list of products that were used and the colors.

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