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Log Home Restoration in Whittier, NC Jackson County

TWP Wood Stain

Our Total Log Cabin Restoration crew recently completed a log cabin restoration in beautiful Whittier, NC! This log home underwent a total restoration and the end result was absolutely breathtaking! Our new friend Laura can now enjoy her beautifully restored log home.

Our job is to restore log homes back to their original beauty. We take great care of every client’s log home and work efficiently complete each restoration on time and on budget.

Every log home undergoes the same 10 Step Process. Our Total Log Cabin Restoration Crew begins each project by covering all the doorways, windows, lights and landscaping with a protective covering. Once the log home has been prepped the stripping process begins. TLCR uses a stripping agent to remove all old debris attached to the logs. The agent is applied to all the logs and then gently rinsed off with a power washer. To avoid any damage to the logs a low pressure of 800 psi is used. After all the old product is gently removed a neutralizer is applied. The neutralizer brightens the wood and neutralized the stripper. The neutralizer allows the wood to accept the new product by bringing the pH to an acceptable level. The home is thoroughly rinsed down. Rinsing thoroughly is an extremely important stage. The wood pH level must remain around 7%. A moisture meter is used to check different areas of the wood.

Drying is the lengthiest process. The wood must be completely dry to begin the sanding process. Once the wood is dry, all of the logs are sanded down. Sanding allows the stain to penetrate evenly. TLCR the applies Perma- Chink’s Shell Guard RTU and Bee Gone to protect the log home from bees, beetles and other wood eating insects. Next, the log home is caulked with Perma- Chink’s Energy Seal to prevent water from entering the log home and damaging the wood. A stain application is then applied. TLCR used two coats of Perma-Chink stain. After the stain application has dried, two coats of Perma-Chink's Clear Coat is applied to the logs. Perma-Chink is a 4-coat system that comes with the best protection.

Laura chose Total Wood Preservative (TWP) stain, therefore, two coats of TWP's penetrating stain was added. TWP is guaranteed never to peel or flake.

“Crew did a great job. The job was completed on time and according to contract.
Very happy with results”.
- Laura H.

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