Chinking & Caulking

log-home-restoration-chinkingTotal Log Cabin Restoration understands the challenge of preventing air and water infiltration in a log home. Low quality products and a log home that doesn’t receive regular maintenance will result with the homeowner paying costly repair bills. The Total Log Cabin Restoration crew has extensive knowledge and years of experience using all forms of caulking and chinking applications. We use only high-quality chinking and caulking that will hold up for years to the changing weather conditions. The chinking and caulking we use is specifically made for log homes and one application will make any log weathered tight. It stretches and has more elasticity when the logs are moving. It is also UV-stable, chemical resistant, long lasting, and is designed to prevent water from entering and damaging the logs. It helps with energy loss and aids to keep out bugs. It comes in a variety of colors and our crew will use their expertise to match the stain color of the logs.

Preparation before chinking is the key to having the job completed correctly. The crew will conduct a thorough inspection of your log cabin and point out any problem areas. Owner, Stu Thibodeau, always takes the time to educate customers on the products available and advises them with his recommendations. Many of our customers are always excited to see a decrease in their heating and air conditioning bills. Click on the testimonials and read what our customers have to say about our services.

Also keep in mind it is so important to make sure all large checks in the logs are caulked and the end caps are caulked properly. The end caps of a log home are one of the major key areas because the ends are more exposed to the weather. These ends suck up moisture down to the wood fibers; therefore, our crews know the importance of keeping the log ends well sealed in order to prevent water from penetrating into the logs. At Total Log Cabin Restoration, we caulk all log ends, all large checks or gaps in the logs, around all outside and inside corners, as well as all window and door jams where needed.

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