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Log Cabin Restoration in Pittsboro, NC – Chatham County

We recently cleaned a cabin in Pittsboro, NC that had Sikkens product on it. This product is a little more maintenance than most but has beautiful results...
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Log Cabin Restoration in Lenoir, NC – Caldwell County

Total Log Cabin recently restored a cabin in Lenoir, NC. We started the process by stripping off the old product and neutralizing the wood to bring it back to the original wood color...
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Total Log Cabin Restoration – Harrells, NC – Sampson County

Total Log Cabin Restoration did a job recently in Harrells, NC. We had to replace about 20’ of log rot first and then we were able to restore it. We took time to prep the house thoroughly, so everything was taken care of. Then we had to strip off the old product and treat it for beetles and bees...
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Log Cabin Repair – Wilmington, NC – New Hanover County

Total Log Cabin Restoration does not just strip, treat, and finish a cabin. We also take time to repair the rotten logs on a cabin to ensure the wood will not continue to decay. It is very important to repair the logs before you do any of the refinishing process...
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Log Cabin Repair - West End, NC – Moore County

These customers live in California and bought their log home in North Carolina sight unseen. When they came over to look the house over, they noticed there was a substantial amount of work that needed to be done...
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Log Cabin Repair – Burnsville, NC Yancey county

Our company was contacted by a lady in Burnsville, NC for log damage. She uses the cabin as a summer home and is not there as often. She came back to over 300 feet of rotten logs...
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Log Home Repair in Kannapolis, NC – Cabarrus County

Total Log Cabin recently completed a cabin located in Kannapolis, North Carolina. TLCR replaced close to 20 feet of rotten logs, as well as other carpentry needs.The cabin was multiple different shades of stain and needed to be stripped of all previous product and stained one color...
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Log Home Restoration in Zionville, NC – Watauga County

Luis called us about wanting a fresh look on his cabin in Zionville, NC. His cabin needed a thorough cleaning to remove any of the grime and dirt that was on top of the wood. After the cleaning, TLCR applied two coats of TWP California Cedar stain over the whole cabin. California Cedar stain is one of the lighter colors that has beautiful color to it...
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Log Home Restoration in Highpoint, NC – Guilford County

Total Log Cabin Restoration had to start Brian’s project by removing and replacing some log rot that had settled into some of his house. Our Carpenter, Mike, did a fantastic job of replacing the areas that had rot with new logs made custom to fit Brian’s house...
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Log Home Restoration in Black Mountain, NC –Buncombe County

Deborah reached out to us about needing to re-stain her vacation rental. She has a beautiful cabin in Black Mountain, NC and needed to spruce it up a little bit. She asked us to strip off the current product and re-stain it with TWP California Cedar to give the cabin a more vibrant look...
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