Log Cabin Repair and Restoration in New Hampshire

Total Log Cabin Restoration leads the way in the State of New Hampshire when it comes to log home restoration service. We provide high quality workmanship, products, and unbeatable customer service.
Now offering restoration service in the following New Hampshire Counties:

Belknap, Carroll, Cheshire, Coos, Grafton, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham, Strafford , and Sullivan

Nick Thibodeau, son of Stu Thibodeau specializes in log home restoration that includes pressure wash cleaning, chinking, caulking, pH level & moisture testing, insect prevention treatment, exterior and interior application.

Total Log Cabin Restoration has unbeatable customer service, our priority is to offer the customer options through education of the available products and procedures used to complete the restoration process. You will receive an accurate estimate with a guaranteed time line for the completion of the job.

Log Cabin Inspection and Repair in NH

Total Log Cabin Restoration begins the process with a detailed inspection of your log home. Every part of the home gets inspected including, looking for cracks and rot in the logs, will also inspect for insect damage, water damage, chinking damage and cracks and openings in the caulking.

Log Cabin Pressure Wash Cleaning in New Hampshire

Many of our customers have commented on how impressed they are when they see the amount of preparation that goes into our restoration process. Our very detailed prep plan is the foundation for our quality end product and the reason our company has been so successful.
Each restoration company has their own methods for removing old stain and finish. With our own formula, we remove old stain with a pressure washer. The added benefit of pressure washing is to open the wood pores, allowing a deep penetration of new stain.

Log Cabin Chinking and Caulking in New Hampshire

Having the correct chinking and caulking products for your log home is extremely important. Log homes breath and move all the time with changing weather. The chinking and caulking products need to move with the home. We only uses high quality products and materials that bond with the logs assuring flexible movement with the natural movement of the home.

Full Service Wood Restoration
Specializing in:
  • Repair & Restoration
  • Inspections & Maintenance
  • Pressure Washing
  • Chinking & Caulking
  • pH Level & Moisture Testing
  • Insect Prevention Treatment
  • Exterior & Interior Application
  • Deck Sealers & Stains
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