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Total Log Cabin Restoration in Louisburg, NC Franklin County

Log Cabin Wood Stain Sikkens Cetol 023

At Total Log Cabin Restoration, we believe that every log cabin should be restored back to its original glory. We understand the connections our clients have to their home because we share the same connections to ours!

Our next log cabin restoration takes us to Louisburg, NC of Franklin County. Our client Mike wanted to give his log home a new life. He decided on a complete Restoration process and going with a beautiful Sikkens Cetol 023 wood stain finish.

“The crew was great! Very happy with the way they worked and the results. Our home looks new again.”
- Mike D.

Want to learn more about our TLCR Process?

Each TLCR log home receives the same amount of care. The process begins with covering all entry ways, lights, and landscaping with a plastic protector and removing all gutter downspouts. Next, the log home is prepped by applying a safe stripping agent to all the logs to remove any old product, dirt, mold, and other debris. The stripping agent safely rinses off using a low power pressure of 800 psi. Once all the old product has been removed, one coat of a neutralizer is applied. The neutralizer brightens the wood, lowers the pH level in the wood, and neutralizes the stripping agent. Neutralizing is an important step in the restoration process because if not done properly the wood stain can fail.

Next, the entire log home is then thoroughly and safely rinsed down. Rinsing the log home is a delicate process since too much water can lead to premature stain failure. After the wood has been tested in several different areas to ensure the pH level of 7%. And the wood moisture level reached an acceptable level, the sanding process begins. Sanding a log home down allows the stain to penetrate evenly and gives the wood an overall beautiful, consistent look. Each TLCR log cabin homes receives a Borate Treatment using Perma-Chinks Shell-Guard RTU and Bee Gone. Both products work together perfectly to combat against wood eating insects. Shell- Guard RTU is an odorless, colorless product that is safe for humans and pets. Following, the log home is caulked using Perma- Chink’s Energy Seal. Perma- Chink Energy Seal is made specifically for log homes and is designed to prevent water damage, energy loss, and bug infestation. The log home is finally ready for stain!

Two coats of Sikkens Cetol 023 wood stain were applied to the logs, siding, and windows. After the wood stain completely dries, 2 coats of Perma- Chink’s Clear Coat were applied. Perma- Chink’s 4- coat system is a high-grade solution that offers the best protection!

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