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Log Cabin Repair and Restoration in Oxford NC – Granville County

Last month we restored the Faulkner’s beautiful log cabin up in Oxford, NC. The previous product on the cabin had failed and so this lovely home needed the kind of face-lift only we can provide. Our crew first went about stripping off all of the old product, taking great care to completely remove the failing stain from the logs. Next, we sanded down all the logs, making them nice and smooth so the stain would penetrate the wood. Finally, we applied two coats of our TWP stain to the whole house, creating a beautiful exterior that really brings out the quality of the logs. The end result was a beautifully restored cabin and two very happy customers!

“We were extremely satisfied with Total Log Cabin Restorations. They did a very professional job and we were very happy with Marco’s crew and everyone else who helped with the project. We would absolutely recommend TLCR to anyone in need of help restoring their cabin. Our home looks excellent!”
Jeff and Cindy F.

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