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Log Cabin Repair in Liberty, SC Pickens County

The Total Log Cabin Restoration team recently traveled to Liberty South Carolina, located in Pickens County. Mike, the teams master carpenter was sent to replace some logs for Curtis T. Mike and his crew went to work replacing close to 30 feet of logs. Mike milled the replacement logs himself to assure there was a good match and a tight fit with the existing logs. On this job site, Mike replaced two corners on the cabin, as well as an eight foot section on the sill plate. Mr. Tate was left with a once again air tight and rot free log home.

Here is what Curtis T. had to say about Total Log Cabin Restoration:
“Mike is an excellent carpenter and I couldn’t be more pleased with his work. The logs that he replaced is a perfect fit and they match well with the other logs. The cabin looks great.”
Curtis T.

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