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Log Cabin Repair in Summerfield, NC - Guilford County

Kyle Cox and his wife had us out to do their lovely home in Guilford County in June. They have a very special cabin, with original logs dating back to 1768. Needless to say, they wanted these beautiful, historic logs preserved by a professional team. William and his crew used oxalic acid to strip the remaining product off of the logs. After carefully sanding each log, they went to work filling in the numerous checks in the logs with Perma-Chink Energy Seal, filling each crack with backer rod and caulking to create a smooth, protected finish. Once the sanding and caulking was completed, our crew applied two coats of TWP Butternut to the logs, providing both a barrier against the elements and a stunning color to the logs. Finally, we carefully painted the old concrete chinking, resulting in a restoration that was both beautiful and preservative. 

Our carpentry team, also called in to replace several feet of rotten logs. This particular job necessitated the skills of an expert craftsman, as the original logs of the home dated back to the 18th century. Mike was absolutely up to the task. Mike and his crew replaced four logs for the Cox’s, paying careful attention to the detail required to match each log to its neighbor. Mike is very adept at hewing each log expertly to make it look like the rest of the house. It turned out to be a beautiful fit and everyone was happy with the new logs!

 “We were very happy with how the cabin turned out. Everything looked great. The crew was friendly and helpful. Mike was great and very skilled at his job. The 4 logs look really good next to the others. I’m happy to recommend TLCR and Mike to anyone!”
Kyle C.

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