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Log Cabin Repair in Franklinton, NC - Franklin County

In early May, we traveled just a few miles down the road to Franklinton to renovate Mrs. Doherty’s cabin. We carefully stripped the large cabin and all three decks, completely removing all of the previous product. William and his crew next hand-sanded each log and each deck board, exposing the wood and getting it ready for stain application. We applied two coats of our TWP California Cedar stain, ensuring a finish that both protects the cabin and looks fantastic. Mrs. Doherty was extremely pleased and even baked us some cookies to seal the deal!

The next week, Mrs. Doherty had us back out after cleaning and staining her cabin to build some beautiful rails for her recently restored deck. Our carpenter Mike carefully prepared each set of rails to perfectly match the newly stained deck. The end result was a lovely deck area that is perfect for entertaining guests and relaxing.
Doherty Franklinton, NC

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