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Log Home Restoration in Linville, NC - Avery County

Log Cabin Wood Stain Sikkens Cetol 023

Total Log Cabin Restoration just completed work on a cabin in Linville, North Carolina. The log cabin needed to be fully stripped to remove the old product so there was no product failure when applying the new stain. After stripping the cabin, TLCR applied a neutralizer. The neutralizer brightened the wood and helped to bring the pH level in the wood to accept the new product. TLCR then thoroughly rinsed the log home to bring the pH level to be around 7%. Checking the wood with a moisture meter allows us to see the moisture of the wood - too much water in the logs will lead to premature failure in your stain application; therefore, it is extremely important to make sure the wood is dry enough to stain. Once the cabin was dry to stain, TLCR applied two coats of TWP’s penetrating stain. The customer chose the color Gold, which is the lightest of the stain choices in the 200 series and brought a warm golden hue to the cabin.

“We were very very happy with the result. The cabin looks GREAT and is back to showing its natural beauty. Was impressed with the detail the crew put in and their professional work!”

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