Exterior & Interior Stain Application

Quality Log home stains for a long lasting finish.

Quality log home stains for a long-lasting finish! There is no point in a comprehensive prep plan when cleaning and preparing your log home for a new finish to end up using an inferior product on your home. Stu’s reputation was built on quality workmanship that he performs on each log home project and guarantee’s his workmanship!

Total Log Cabin Restoration uses only quality stains and products on your home. It’s the reason we maintain our reputation. We always apply our stains according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Total Log Cabin Restoration prefers using an oil-based stain because an oil will penetrate deep into the woods’ pores creating more protection from the ultraviolet rays and the weathering elements, thus shielding against graying and fading. The oil-based stain we mostly use never peels or flakes. The result is a long-lasting finish and low maintenance cost to you. Is it time for you to stain your log home? Do this simple test and spray water on your logs. If it beads up, it’s time to stain. Call the experts at Total Log Cabin Restoration for a free estimate.

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